Who We Are

Welcome to Nofal Design, LLC where design, fabrication & technology merge. Formed in 2015, we aim to build innovation through the integration of technology and digital design.

Our company interests explore contemporary 3D digital designs and web media. Nofal Design, LLC is comprised of the following entities:

K Nofal Design

K. Nofal Design

Design Studio + 3D Training

K. Nofal Design is a cutting-edge online design company offering an array of world-class design services for global clientele. Emphasis is placed on the exploration of 'All Things Design', be it architectural model-making, graphic design, 3D modeling, rendering visualizations or specialty printing.



Design Brand

KNFAB is our home decor design collection using innovative digital technologies. We make jewelry, typography products, lighting, and 3D printed home decor. Our cool, contemporary 3D products are shipped throughout the United States.


3D modeling, graphic design, visual art, custom typography and illustrations

3D Products

We develop 3D contemporary products based on geometric patterns, morphology, cityscape homages or re-purposing.

Web Media

We provide wb editing, web maintenance, SEO for clientele.

Company Branding

Creative social media and marketing.